The United States of America is Lost and You Are Either a Part of the Problem or a Part of the Answer

You cannot help America unless you have a basic understanding of the problems we face, and some idea of how to solve them!


Major changes have taken place in America in the last quarter of a century. We have lost many of the qualities which once made us great and admired. We are on the road to disaster. Sadly, many Americans do not see what has been lost or have the vaguest idea how to fix it. Lost America: What Caring Americans Need to Know clearly shows what has been lost, how it was lost, and what can be done to fix it. It is a “must read” for all caring Americans.

Get answer to questions like these. . .

Have Americans been dumbed down?
Has democracy been lost?
Why are we one of the world’s most hated nations?
Has America lost its faith in God?
How has America lost its national identity?

Why is Christianity suffering great losses?
Is there hope?

You’ll get specific answers to these and hundreds of other questions about America. Once you have an understanding of the problems, you can decide if you want to be part of the solutions. To do nothing would be disastrous to America, and to you and your family.

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