When my wife and I walked into the restaurant, Mrs. O’s face lit up. “Let me take your order first, and then I just have to tell you something,” she said. We moved to the side of the cash register after placing our order. She said, “You know that book you gave me a couple of weeks ago. . . the one about how to get a college degree? I took it home and told my daughter about it, and she started reading it. After she read a little while, she told me she was going to talk to someone at school about going to college. Guess what happened?” She went to the University of Montevallo and talked to someone and was offered four scholarships. She’s planning on going and we don’t think we’re going to have to borrow any money for her to go. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Mrs. O’s full name is Oretha Lowe and she is a manager of a fast food restaurant. Her daughter started attending the University of Montevallo last August. They still haven’t paid anything and the daughter has a 4.0 average.


                                    What Makes the Difference

Have you ever wondered, like I do, what makes the difference in a young person’s life? Why do some quit school or stop after high school? You know as well as I do they are condemning themselves to low paying jobs without benefits, or prolonged dependency on their parents or welfare. Some will even turn to crime.

The difference is in what the person knows and how they use that knowledge.

And, that is why I am writing to you and to people like you about the book, How to Get a College Degree. The whole purpose of this book is to give the reader knowledge which can be used in getting a degree and making a good life for themselves.

                                                                     Unique Book

You see, How to Get a College Degree is not like other publications. It is written to be read by young people. It was written by a man who went from a high school drop-out to an earned doctorate, and in collaboration with the former dean of a major department at Samford University. The book is short, an easy read, and inexpensive.

                                                                Knowledge Is Power

I am scanning the table of contents in How to Get a College Degree right now. It covers every step in getting a degree, from chapters dealing with the benefits and advantages of a degree, to how to choose a school and a major, how to get in, how to pay for it, how to choose classes, how to manage time, and develop good study habits, how to take good notes, and do well on tests.

A great deal of the information that is in How to Get a College Degree can’t be found any place else.

                                                               Someone Who Cares

I was negligent earlier when I said knowledge and its use are key factors in the success of young people. There is a third factor, equally important as the others. Many young people need someone who cares. I believe you are such a person.

                                                                      A Life Changer

This little book can change lives. It has already proven that. That is why it’s my dream to place one into the hands of every high school junior or senior in America.

If you are lacking a degree—buy it for yourself. If you would like to turn someone’s life around for the better—buy it for someone in your family, a friend’s young person, someone in your class, your school. You can make a big difference in someone’s life and this little book might just be the way to do it.